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Car Air Conditioning Service: Summer Driving Tips on How to Achieve Optimal AC Performance

Do you live in a humid zone? Driving in hot and humid temperatures can affect the health of your cars air condition. Temperatures over 90 degrees for example can challenge your vehicles AC that can lead to uncomfortable malfunctions. Whats more infuriating than driving under the blazing summer sun while traversing congested roads? Its extremely important to maintain your AC to avoid uncomfortable hassles along the road and expensive car aircon repair.

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In this article, youll find five easy tips that will help keep your AC in peak health during the height of summer without the need for car repairs.

1. Roll down the windows completely.   If your AC takes forever to get cold, it might need a bit of a rest. Turn off your AC, open your windows for a few minutes, and then close your windows and turn your AC back on. This usually relieves the AC of all the heat trapped inside the car and allows it to cool up better.

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2. Roll down the windows slightly. If the first tip didnt work, consider leaving your windows just slightly open to vent the hot air out. Especially if your AC is a bit old, its cooling power might not be as efficient as before and so leaving the windows slightly open helps your AC regulate the temperature better.

3. Turn your AC to Max, and then switch to normal. When you first switch on you air conditioning, set the control to MAX or REC and turn the blower to its highest point. This allows the air to circulate fast and the interior of your car to cool up the fastest. Once youre happy with the temperature, put your blower and cooling controls to normal.

4. Switch to OUTSIDE air setting if your AC smells. Sometimes, no matter how you keep your car clean, your AC will smell for unknown reasons. If youre on the road and car air conditioning service is not an option, the quick fix is to set the system to OUTSIDE air to lessen that gym odor.

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5. Check your Automatic Temperature Control (ATC). The ATC operates differently based on the car type you have. Sometimes, it always pays to read your manual to know if how your AC system works. Oftentimes, the solution for a much cooler AC is to set the system in NORMAL air mode all throughout.


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