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Viva Auto Repairs is a workshop operating for almost 5 years in Australia, its one of the leading auto repair shops in Adelaide offering quality and affordable services with their team of diagnostic specialists, and they took utmost pride in treating your car as their own providing utmost customer satisfaction. The shop is being directed by Marque Le Maistre, hes been in the Car industry since 1974, during that year he obtained apprenticeship at South Australian Government. Since then Marque become one of the most well-known car mechanics in Australia. Viva offers different services like Clutch repairs, Brake Repairs, Auto Air conditioning service, Oil change, Car tune up and logbook servicing among others.

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But before planning to bring your car to any auto repair shop, you should know when would be the right time for your car to be repaired. You must always check some basic parts of your car like Airbox/Air Filters, Wheels, Brakes, Belts or other internal components, your schedule of fluid change, because these basic parts affects the  total performance of your car. If you were having trouble with your car airconditioning system, dont worry because Viva offers a quality car air conditioning service that will surely fit your budget. They have a team of qualified and licensed mechanics to repair your air condition units, proper assessment and diagnostic will be performed before service is implemented. Always remember that good air conditioning system provides you comfort because nobody wants to travel in sweat during hot seasons, right?  It protects your car by reducing the chances additional internal problems once fixed and running, and it also maintains the value of the car especially if youre planning to sell your car in the future.

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Another service Viva offer is the Logbook Servicing, auto repairs or any car service doesnt need to be performed by the vehicle dealer especially for new cars. Even if the car is still on warranty, Viva can perform servicing without risking your cars warranty as long as all service being carried out is listed using correct parts and fluids as per manufacturers specification. Sometimes the problem about Logbook servicing is that the dealership will most likely overlook repair issues of your car under warranty, hoping they will be undetected until warranty ends. With Viva auto repairs industry experience, they can provide logbook servicing more than your dealership can offer. You dont have to pay too much because they provide fixed price logbook servicing fee which is just a fraction of the cost of your car dealer.

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Viva Auto repairs give the client a peace of mind by doing a comprehensive inspection every time you book for a service. Additional services aside from the above being mention were car parts services which include replacement or repair of tyres, oils, car batteries, earl fittings and radiators among others. One of the reasons why customers keeps coming back is that Viva provides a quality after-sales service, only qualified, licensed and well-trained mechanics repairs your car using the most updated equipment and affordable service fees compared to car dealers.

Car assessment and diagnostics are free of charge, written quote for any repairs will be provided the same day, cheap parts, quality oils and filters will be  supplied for you to save big bucks. So next time you got a car problem, come to viva and experience the difference!

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