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Why It’s Better to Take Your Car to an Auto Repair Shop than to a Dealership

As a first-time car owner, you are probably not yet familiar with the process of getting auto repair services. And with your lack of experience, perhaps you’re thinking that it is better to take your car to a dealership than to let mechanics from an independent auto shop provide you with the services you need. To tell you the truth, however, it is quite the opposite. Many experienced car owners will tell you that you’re better off taking your car to a repair shop than to a dealership.

auto servicing

Taking your car to a repair company for auto servicing has many benefits. First, it can help you save more money. As compared to dealerships, they employ fewer people because their base of operations is usually much smaller. As a result, their services are relatively cheaper than the ones being provided by most dealerships. If you’re going to compare prices between these two types of repair companies, you’ll definitely see a huge difference.

Take note, however, that just because their services are less expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are of lesser quality. Some of the mechanics employed by auto repair companies have underwent the necessary training to qualify for their job. As a matter of fact, some of them even worked for dealerships before leaving and obtaining lots of experience. This basically means that most of the people you’ll see repairing various types and makes of cars at independent repair shops know exactly what they are doing. They are really good at it, too.

Here’s another reason why you should enlist the services of your friendly neighbourhood repair shop: logbook servicing. This service allows you to keep your car in good condition without voiding its warranty. It can also come in handy in case you have plans to sell your car in the future as logbook servicing can help preserve your car’s value.

Another benefit of taking your car to your local auto repair shop is that you’ll get excellent customer service. Unlike dealerships, these repair companies take a more personalised approach to handling their customers’ problems and concerns. They are more capable at offering alternative solutions that would help car owners maximise their savings and keep their vehicles in good shape for a longer period of time.

However, do take note that not all independent auto repair shops are the same. While there are those that are really good at their job, there are some that are bad at it. Therefore, it is very important that you conduct a bit of research before leaving your car in the hands of other people.

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