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Bad News for MX5 Fans: Mazda’s New SUV Won’t be Available in Australia

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It is no secret that the MX5 is one of the most popular motor vehicles in Australia today. Being awarded the Car of the Year for 2016, many Aussies definitely love Mazda’s top sports car. It seems that Australian car owners can’t get enough of Mazda cars as many of them expressed disappointment when it was reported that the car maker’s latest SUV offering won’t be available in the local market.

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The Mazda CX-4, which was previewed at last year’s Frankfurt motor show, has been ruled out for immediate Australian sales. According to Mazda officials, the SUV, which uses the underpinnings of the Mazda CX-5, will be produced and sold exclusively in China until further notice.

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However, the Japanese car maker is not closing its door to the possibility of the CX-4 being available in Australia. Speaking at the official opening ceremony for Mazda’s new office in Melbourne, the company’s director and senior managing executive officer, Yuji Nakamine, revealed that they are currently studying the possibility of selling the CX-4 in other markets, Australia included.


At this moment, we are studying the possibility of introducing a CX-4 type of vehicles in other markets. The possibility is there, but at the moment we don’t plan to sell this vehicle outside of China. This is interesting as more people move toward SUV, then if the CX-4 styling is well accepted by other brands in other markets, then we should seriously study the possibility of introducing that kind of design theme into other markets,” he said.

Nakamine also admitted that with its limited resources, the company is taking a more conservative approach. He said Mazda is using the more progressive Chinese market to determine what would be the reaction of car enthusiasts on the CX-4’s styling before building and selling it for other markets.

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Meanwhile, if you’re a proud owner of a Mazda vehicle, make sure that you take it to an auto repair shop that specializes in handling Mazda cars for repair and/or maintenance. By letting mechanics who are experienced at fixing and maintaining Mazda cars handle your vehicle, you can expect better results and great value for your money.

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So before you take your car to an auto repair shop, find out if the shop employs mechanics who are adept at repairing Mazda rotary engines and spare parts. Do a bit of research to ensure that your precious Mazda vehicle will receive the kind of treatment it deserves.

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