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Autorepair 101: Tips on Choosing the Best Oil for Your Car

According to auto repair experts, one of the secrets to a high performing and long lasting car engine is to change your oil regularly. Changing your oil when its time for an oil change keeps your engine running smoothly. Whats more, it helps extend its lifespan and ensure that your vehicle is always in optimum condition. But what kind oil does your car need?

The easiest and most convenient way to determine what kind of oil your car needs is to check the owners manual. But what if you have lost your car owners manual? What should you do? Well, one way to identify which oil is suitable for your car is to get recommendations from your dealership or your trusted car mechanic. Having dealt with all kinds of motor vehicles before, they can be a great source of information.

When choosing oil for your car, there are factors you also need to consider. One of them is viscosity. One of the qualities of a good oil is that it is able to maintain constant viscosity when exposed to temperature changes. A good example of such is ULX oil. It is also important that the oil can maintain proper viscosity for the entire duration of its intended drain interval.

ulx oil

Pour point is another factor you need to consider when choosing engine oil for your car. Pour point basically tells you how well it can handle cold temperatures without solidifying. Motoring experts recommend oils with low pour points. According to them, the lower the oils pour point is, the better protection it can provide in low temperatures. Also, it will do you well to avoid oils that contain too much paraffin as they tend to gel easily when the temperature drops.

In high temperatures, it certainly helps to choose oil that can resist shearing forces. Shear is basically a condition in which the oil is literally torn apart on the molecular level. This causes its proper viscosity range to change, resulting in accelerated wear, sludge, and more engine deposits. To protect the engine, therefore, especially in turbocharged applications, it is best to choose oils with the ability to resist shear and volatilising.

Before changing your cars motor oil, it is advisable that you do a bit of research so you can be sure that youre making the right decision. As such, make sure you follow the tips discussed above. Also, dont forget to ask your mechanics for recommendations.

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