Driving in Snow - Automotive Repair Shop: Winter Motoring

Automotive Repair Shop: Winter Motoring

Winter is upon us in Australia, so now is a great time to take your car to an automotive repair shop, like Viva Auto Repairs and get it inspected so that you have no problems this winter. As the weather gets cold and the roads get wet, many of the systems on the modern car that may have been functioning quite adequately through the warmer months may start to struggle. This may lead to issues that range from being an uncomfortable inconvenience to being downright dangerous. Regular car servicing at a reputable auto repairer should prevent the inconvenience of breakdowns and other issues. Sometimes areas that we think are not so important in winter play a significant role in our comfort and safety. The cooling system provides the heated water to our heater/demister system and any shortfalls here may see difficulty in the defogging of the windscreen and may make our journey colder than we may like. Running the air conditioner while demisting the windscreen even with the temperature turned up high will help to clear the screen so much quicker than using just the heater alone.


Obviously tire condition is critical, but did you know that the correct pressure in your tires will help the tread to pump the water away from under the tire much more efficiently and therefore give much better grip. Ensuring that your brakes, suspension and steering are working at their peak will also help to provide better road holding on these slippery roads. Electrical systems such as lights and windscreen washers & wipers are also obvious safety concerns. Have you noticed as you drive around at the start of winter, just how many cars have only 1 headlight working? As the nights get cool, the difference in air temperature and the heat that bright lights emit is far greater and this will often cause a poor condition light filament to fail as it goes from very cold to white hot extremely quickly. Another system often overlooked for safety is the exhaust system, and due to the fact we drive more often with our windows up in winter, any leaks in the exhaust under the car may seep through any holes or cracks, causing the car to fill with carbon monoxide, with dire consequences.

Viva Auto repairs can service your car and give it a comprehensive check over to ensure trouble free motoring all year round. Come and see Marque and the boys for great peace of mind.

Authored by: Keith Rogers

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