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Auto Repairs : MX5 Suspension Upgrades


As more people are discovering how great a Mazda MX5 is to drive, many are starting to realise that the true experience can only be achieved on the race track. To this end you will be pressed to find any other car in the price range that handles so well out of the box without the need for regular and costly auto repairs. Very respectable times can be set in standard trim, but the slight body roll and minor understeer experienced can be reduced with a well-priced suspension tune up. Simply fitting lowered springs source through our spare parts suppliers will make a huge difference, but many owners are also looking to fit performance shock absorbers with a multitude of adjustments so that they can set the ride characteristics to suit their own driving style. To this end we can supply and fit the set up that will suit any customers requirements, from standard shockers with lowered springs, through adjustable sports shockers with lowered springs right up to a wide range of coil overs that can provide an easily adjustable ride height with up to 40 settings on shocker rebound rates. For the ultimate we can even get custom made racing units with bump and rebound adjustments on the shock absorbers. Upgraded sway bars will also assist to achieve better handling when pushing your car hard through corners and we can fit either heavy duty bars to stiffen the body roll or adjustable units so that you can adjust that roll centre to suit the track and weather conditions. The MX5 also offers a relatively large scope for adjustment of the wheel alignment settings offering the ability to set the car up for better turn in through corners if required, but with the availability of adjustable suspension bushes, this range of adjustment can be more than doubled, providing the ability to set quite aggressive alignment specification to give true race car handling. Most of these options are available and can be applied to many makes and model of cars on the market today.

Viva Auto Repairs has the ability and expertise to help any car owner get the best out of their car to suit their own driving style and condition, so contact the guys and discuss your needs today.

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