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Auto Repairs 101: First-Time Owners’ Guide to Common Car Problems

One of the challenges of being a first-time car owner is that it can be hard to tell if your vehicle needs professional attention. Since you’re not familiar yet with how your car behaves, you can’t exactly tell if your car needs a simple tweak or extensive auto repairs. To help you determine if you should bring your car to a professional mechanic, here are some of the common signs your car has a serious problem.

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Signs You Should Watch Out For in Your Car

1. Reduced gas mileage

This is perhaps the most obvious sign your car has a major problem. If your car is doing just fine a few months ago and then it suddenly experiences a decrease in gas mileage, it’s very likely that something inside your vehicle might not be working properly. It could have insufficient oil, a gas leak, or an engine problem. If you see this sign, it’s best to bring your car to a trusted repair shop as soon as you can to prevent gas leaks and other problems that could cost you a significant amount of money if not addressed immediately.

2. Intense shaking

Cars do vibrate, but if the vibrations are too intense and won’t stop quickly, then you might have a problem. In most cases, intense car shaking and vibrations are caused by a defective wheel alignment. If not fixed as soon as possible, it could escalate, which can lead to bigger repair expenses.

3. Noisy steering wheel

Another reason to see a mechanic Richmond SA can be proud of is when you have a noisy steering wheel. When you hear a squealing or grinding sound whenever you turn the wheel, or you find it more difficult to steer the wheel than before, the power steering fluid might be leaking or in a very low supply.

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4. Leaking car fluids

Speaking of leaks, inside your car are numerous types of fluids needed to ensure your vehicle’s optimum performance. If one of them is leaking, it could significantly affect your car’s functioning. To know if there’s a leak, see if there are stains or a huge puddle of goo in the space where you frequently park your car. If you see some, call your trusted mechanic immediately.

Act Quickly

Make sure to contact your trusted repair shop at the first sign of problem. This way, you can determine early on if you need an extensive repair job or car spare parts replacement.

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