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Auto Repairs 101: Communicating with Car Mechanics

Many car owners are often apprehensive about bringing their car to an auto shop and getting auto repairs, especially the first-timers. Perhaps one reason for this is that they don’t know exactly how to communicate with the mechanics or technicians at the shop. They are afraid that if they weren’t able to properly explain what’s wrong with their precious vehicle, it might not get the attention and solution it deserves.

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If talking to a car mechanic is what has been keeping you from getting professional car repair services, worry no more because there are ways to ensure that you’ll get the services you require. Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Take notes

Before contacting or visiting an auto shop, take the time to write down in your own words what seems to be the problem with your car. List down what your vehicle is doing or not doing when you take it for a drive. Ensure that you take note of every little detail.

For example, if your car is making noise, you should describe what the noise sounds like. Also, try to pinpoint where exactly it is coming from. Jot down any observation you make so you can relay them to the mechanic who will provide you with car servicing solutions.

2. Make sure that the mechanics are all-ears

With your notes in hand, make your way towards your chosen auto shop. Before you try to describe what seems to be the problem with your car, ensure that the mechanic or the shop’s customer service representative is giving you their full attention. While it is true that auto shops are often busy and buzzing with activity, it doesn’t give them the excuse to give you poor service.

Before you leave, make sure that the mechanic was able to hear you out and that the two of you have reached an agreement on what should be done to your vehicle. Also, see to it that you have received a duly accomplished inspection form and repair estimate. If you weren’t able to meet any of these requirements, don’t leave your car with them.

Communication is a Two-Way Street

3. Ask questions and seek recommendations

Once you’re finished describing the problem with your car, don’t forget to ask questions. You should also them if there are car spare parts that need to be replaced. Always remember that no good and self-respecting mechanic would fix your car after simply listening to your description of a problem. They would extract more details from you and encourage you to ask for clarifications.


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