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Auto Repair Mechanic

Viva Auto Repairs have what it takes to fill the boots of your current auto repair mechanic. Our team have the technical aptitude, leadership abilities, correct certification and industry knowledge to excel in our trade. Its not easy finding an affordable service you can trust, so we aim to create a simplified process which makes your customer experience positive, and stress-free. Good communication is highly valued within our business, and we never expect our customers to approach us with advanced industry knowledge. Viva Auto Repairs are able to detect the issue with your vehicle in little time and have problem-solving abilities to match. Our up-to-date tools and technology combined with advanced market knowledge make us leaders on the Adelaide scene. Considering changing to a reliable auto repair mechanic? Contact Viva Auto Repairs; workmanship you can trust.

A good auto repair mechanic Adelaide isnt easy to find. At Viva Auto Repairs we have worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the best in the business. We boast all the qualities of good workers but prioritise good customer relationships above all. If you think we fit the bill, give us a call on (08) 8125 5981 to secure your next booking.

Traits of a Good Auto Repair Mechanic Adelaide

There are loads of qualities that make a good auto repair mechanic Adelaide. We hope to reflect all of them in our workmanship. Our business is nothing without our customers, so we strive to create an environment which makes them feel special. Our interactions are always positive, and we never expect you to be in the mechanical know-how; so, we accommodate accordingly. Communication skills are vital in any trade, but theyre particularly important to our tight-knit team. As well as maintaining good in-house communication, we pride ourselves on being trustworthy and reliable and promise to keep you informed through every step of our progress. Good diagnostic and problem-solving abilities are two of the most important aspects of our job. Our years of experience in the auto repair mechanic Adelaide trade have given us the ability to quickly detect performance issues; allowing us to tackle them before the problem escalates.

Traits of a Good Auto Repair Mechanic Adelaide Continued

A good work ethic is one of the main traits of a reliable auto repair mechanic. Deadlines are important for both our in-house efficiency and for your busy schedule. We try and give you an accurate time frame for when you should drop off and pick up your car to avoid disrupting your day. To meet these deadlines, we have to maintain a good work ethic and conduct ourselves professionally 24/7. Updated technology means better efficiency and quality results, so we use tools and technology which perform at the highest of industry standards. We also stock a wide range of high-performance tyres and use brands which we know and trust throughout all of our services; including Penrite and ULX oil. Up-to-date market knowledge is another quality that makes a great auto repair mechanic Adelaide, and our experienced team are familiar with all motor makes and modelsfrom ancient to brand new.

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