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As with most vehicles on the road today most of the Mazda range of cars can be regularly maintained by any good general automotive repair shop, but when they have specific problems, a specialist Mazda auto repair centre will always be able to diagnose, test and repair the fault much quicker and easier than the general mechanic.

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In an era where nearly every component on a car is controlled by the computer system and although legislation dictates that basic engine management systems must be standardised as far as diagnostic systems and fault codes are concerned, each manufacturer is free to develop their own systems for most other areas. Therefore up to date test equipment specifically designed for Mazda systems is obviously going to be superior to a device that covers all manufacturers vehicles.

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The same can be said about the technician themselves, and a Mazda trained car mechanics will be far better at getting the best out of a Mazda than someone whose basic training is with other specific makes or just as a general car mechanic. Another difference with Mazda is that they manufacture 2 models that have been designed as pure sports cars in the MX5 and the rotary powered RX8. Many other makers release so called sports models that are often just a sleeker looking version of one of their passenger vehicles or a car fitted with a slightly more powerful engine. Mazda on the other hand has designed these 2 models from the ground up as true sports cars.

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Due to this many of the systems on these cars are built for a limited number of vehicles, so generic equipment may not successfully be able to test and adjust them for ultimate performance. The Wankel designed rotary engine used in the RX series of cars is something that is also unique with Mazda being the only manufacturer currently using these engines in cars. As these engines work on an entirely different principle to a piston engine, only a Mazda service specialist can really be able to service and repair them competently.

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If you own a Mazda car or SUV, you should really seek a Mazda specialist repair centre to keep it maintained at an optimum level and a well trained and experienced independent Mazda repair centre can offer some freedom and expertise that an official Mazda dealer may not be able to offer, if you are looking to improve the performance or handling in one of these great cars

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