auto servicing1 - Auto Repair: Scientist Say Massive Global Population Growth Started 2,000 Years Ago

Auto Repair: Scientist Say Massive Global Population Growth Started 2,000 Years Ago

It is no secret that in the olden days, people had no access to quality health care, auto repair, and other important necessities that make day-to-day living a tad easier. As a result, it is widely believed that people back them have shorter life spans as compared to the modern-day man. In addition, the cities around the world weren’t as densely populated as today.

These days, approximately seven billion people are living on the planet. And by 2050, this figure is likely to reach almost 10 billion, as predicted by the United Nations. According to many experts, this massive population explosion was caused by the Industrial Revolution. Because people have access to better health care and scientific knowledge of successfully curing various diseases, they were able to thrive and live longer lives.


However, Aaron Stutz, an associate professor of anthropology at Emory’s Oxford College in Georgia, begs to disagree. He explained that while the industrialisation in the 18th and 19th centuries indeed had a vital role in the rapid growth of the world population, the global population had been climbing steadily since 1,500 to 2,000 years ago. He claimed that political and economic reforms helped to create more stable families, which enabled more people to thrive and live longer.

“If you dig further in the past, the data suggest that a critical threshold of political and economic organisation set the stage 1,500 to 2,000 years ago, around the start of the Common Era. The resulting political-economic balance was the tipping point for economies of scale. It created a range of opportunities, enabling more people to get resources, form successful families, and generate enough capital to transfer to the next generation,” Professor Stutz said.

Meanwhile, there have been growing concerns regarding the global population explosion. Many experts, Professor Stutz included, are alarmed that the world is unbalanced in a sense that the population is expanding rapidly while natural resources are being depleted at a very quick rate. According to them, too many people these days are sharing a limited amount of resources. They warned that this could lead to a worse standard of life and even starvation in the future.

As a responsible citizen, therefore, ensure that you’re not wasting valuable resources such as water, food, and electricity. Though you might think that such a practice doesn’t amount to anything, it can certainly make a significant contribution towards ensuring that such a dreadful scenario won’t happen in the years to come.

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