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Auto Repair 101: How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Having Your Brakes Repaired

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Getting auto repair services is a must as it helps ensure the longevity and functionality of your car. Even if you have prior experience with fixing motor vehicles, it’s still best to enlist the services of professional mechanics as it is more convenient than fixing your car on your own. In addition, it gives you the assurance that your vehicle will receive the treatment it needs.


However, one common thing that deters car owners from having their cars fixed by expert mechanics is the costs that are associated with the repairs. Then, there’s also those unscrupulous mechanics who charge you more than they should. If you’re having your car’s brakes repaired, here are some things you should watch out for to save money and to avoid getting ripped off.


1. Brake calipers

Brake calipers experiencing binding is one of the common reasons why car owners get brake repairs. However, when your car is having this problem, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get a replacement immediately. In most cases, the mechanics simply need to replace the slide pins and lubricate them with synthetic grease. Take note, however, that if the mechanics told you that the brake caliper is leaking or the piston refuses to retract, you have no choice but to Greenlight the replacement.

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2. Brake pads

If your car requires new brake pads, make sure that the mechanics will use premium brake pads, not generic ones. Many companies build sub-par brake pads and pass them off as a premium product at low prices. If you see “premium” brake pads that are being sold at a much lower price, steer clear from them. To ensure that you’ll have premium brake pads in your car, check the box of the product. It should bear the name of the manufacturer. Also, all of the required hardware is usually included in the box at no extra cost.

brake repairs ..3. Rotors

Like brake pads, there are generic rotors that are being passed off as premium. If you’re having your rotors replaced, keep a watchful eye out. To the untrained eye, generic rotors look exactly like the premium ones, but there are notable differences when you place them side by side. For instance, the friction surfaces on generic rotors are much thinner, which makes them more prone to overheating and warping.

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Whether you’re getting brake or clutch repairs, always stay vigilant to avoid paying for unnecessary costs. And more importantly, make sure to trust only the most reputable repair shop to fix your car.

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