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Auto Repair: Survey Shows More Australians Now Prefer Road Trips to Overseas Travel

Aside from its scorching temperatures, summer is known for family holidays and vacations. Because school is out, many people are taking advantage of the opportunity to spend some time away from home and enjoy the sights with their friends and loved ones. But instead of spending money on overseas trips, it seems that more and more Australians are choosing to explore the country by getting auto repair services and going on a road trip.


According to the latest survey commissioned by Ford Australia that involved 1,000 Australian families, 77% of respondents have decided to go on a road trip this summer as opposed to going abroad for a holiday trip. Many of these families drove more than 1,000 kilometres to tour the country’s most famous sights and drives, including Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Great Ocean Road.

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We noticed a trend of Australian families choosing to drive to family holidays rather than opting for more expensive overseas travel, said Ford Australia president and CEO Graeme Whickman.

As for the most preferred mode of transport, the survey revealed that the SUV (67%) is the most popular type of vehicle for road trips. This, according to Ford Australia, reflects the continuous growth of SUV sales in the country. Meanwhile, when choosing the type of vehicle for their road trip, many Australians consider a car’s safety features and its reliability. Storage capacity is also important and a key deciding factor when choosing which vehicle to take on their adventure because it is essential that you have enough space for all of your stuff and at the same time, you will feel comfortable when travelling.

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But no matter what type of vehicle you wish to drive on your road trip, it is very important to ensure that it is in good condition. Remember that you will be driving for hundreds of kilometres for days and if your car is not in the best of health, it can place your safety at risk. It can also bring you lots of inconveniences and instead of having a great time, it can dampen everyone’s mood.

Therefore, before you head out, make sure to visit your trusted car repair shop and have expert mechanics perform a full check-up or diagnosis on your vehicle. This way, you’ll have more time to get the necessary solutions in case there is something wrong with your vehicle.

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Also, don’t forget to sign up for car airconditioning service, especially if there’s a problem with your car’s AC. With the intense heat, it can be extremely uncomfortable to travel with a broken car air con. So make sure you have it fixed before going on a road trip.


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