Auto Repair: Apple to Launch New CarPlay App Later This Year

Most people would think that Apple would just stick to computers, gadgets, and gizmos, but the Cupertino, California-based tech giant is keen on getting a slice of the automotive industry pie as well. Craig Federighi, Apples senior vice president of software engineering, introduced a new CarPlay at a recent WWDC event and this software is likely to change how auto repair experts handle or fix your car.

According to Federighi, CarPlay will begin allowing automakers to add apps into the system starting with the release of iOS 9 later this year. With a CarPlay app installed into the car, drivers could control the FM/AM radio or the climate control amongst other things with a single platform.


Currently, control of a cars most basic functions usually requires the driver to switch out of CarPlay and into the cars native user interface. For instance, if he wants to turn down the cars AC while listening to iTunes, he must log out of CarPlay to do so. And when hes done, he must switch back in to CarPlay to continue listening to music. As you may know, this process is quite tedious and time-consuming. But with the new and improved software from Apple, car owners dont have to suffer such an inconvenience as CarPlay transforms a cars functionality into an app or two.

It remains to be seen whether automakers like Chevrolet or Cadillac would abandon their own native user interface after Apple opened up its platform to other car apps. Toyota, in particular, announced that it is looking into deploying Fords open-source connected car platform, SmartDeviceLink, and has yet to decide if it will utilise CarPlay or Android Auto (Googles version of CarPlay).

As the saying goes, Nothing is permanent in this world except for change and this couldnt be truer in the automotive industry. As tech giants like Apple make it possible for you to control your car functions with a simple push of a button, it is very important that you take your car to a car repair shop that is up to speed when it comes to the latest innovations in the auto industry. By working with a repair company that is always updated with the times, you can be sure that your car will receive the best care possible.

So before you take your vehicle to a particular repair shop, you should conduct a bit of research. Dont be afraid to ask your repair shop and make the necessary enquiries about the repair methods they are using. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your trusted auto servicing experts are using the latest methods to care for your precious vehicle.

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