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For the best in auto repair Adelaide, you cannot go past the expertise of Viva Auto Repairs. With more than 130 years of combined industry experience, our 3 mechanics have the knowledge and passion to offer Viva Auto Repairs’ customers a service like no other in Adelaide. Our unrivalled diagnostic technologies matched with our good old honest service enables us to finish jobs efficiently and to the highest industry standard. A lot of our customers come to us as a result of being burnt by another auto repair Adelaide service; one who promises the world with a price tag to match! As experts in mechanical innovation and advanced industry knowledge, we are able to heal the wounds of our clients through offering a thorough and affordable service. We always have value for money in mind, and every job we do is centered around your vehicle’s performance and your family’s safety.

Noone knows your car like you do, so the earlier you get in touch with our auto repair Adelaide service when you think something is wrong, the better. Early detection is key to avoiding costly repairs in the future!

For convenient auto repair Adelaide

Unlike some other auto repair Adelaide services, we understand that everyone has a schedule to stick to and a busy life to lead. This is what drives us to offer an efficient service combined with the highest quality workmanship to ensure your vehicle remains reliable and in tact for years to come. We are conveniently located on Richmond Road, Richmond, just a 10-minute drive from Adelaide’s CBD. Our comfortable waiting room is a great place to sit and relax while we complete a small job, or, there is an array of cafes and attractions nearby if you would rather spend your day elsewhere! We aim to provide an on the spot quote if we can easily detect the problem with your vehicle, and we will always inform you if we come across any unforeseen issues along the way. Our service transparency is what really sets us apart from other auto repair Adelaide services; that’s our guarantee.

Our auto repair Adelaide services

We offer a vast range of auto repair Adelaide services, with our most common including:

  • Clutch repairs – the clutch in your car endures a huge load every time you use it, particularly as you get your car to move off from a stationary position. Have it maintained to ensure it is working to its full potential and your vehicle’s safety is not compromised.
  • Brake repairs – from brake pad & lining replacement to full hydraulic system overhauls and handbrake repairs & adjustments; we can do it all.
  • Auto Air Conditioning –improve your fuel and air conditioning efficiency to remain comfortable when driving your vehicle with air conditioning maintenance and repairs.
  • Suspension repairs – any worn or broken suspension component will affect the way your car performs, and will compromise its safety.

Viva Auto Repairs can take care of all your car troubles, so if your vehicle is experiencing an unusual bang, rattle or pop, get in touch with us today!

Fix it right the first time!