Auto Car Mechanic adelaide

The ultimate auto car mechanic is one who has a solution for every problem, and in Adelaide, that’s us! We provide a well-rounded service and aim to maintain long-term relationships with our customers, as we know the importance of finding a mechanic you can comfortably return to when problems arise. We also take all of your car concerns seriously, because no one knows your car better than you. If you’re concerned about a foreign bang rattle or pop, come to us and we’ll scope it out for peace of mind. We can do anything from clutch repairs, brake repairs, auto air conditioning, suspension repairs and of course the standard major or minor service. Staying on top of services can make a world of difference for your car, so make sure you regularly check your kilometres and service guide to manage potential problems before they arise. If you think it might be time to change up your auto car mechanic adelaide, give us a call at Viva Auto Repairs to secure your booking today.

Viva Auto Repairs are the only team you need to fix all of your car problems, even ones you never knew you had. We’re fully aware that time and cost play a factor in customer satisfaction, so we offer prompt service at competitive prices; setting us apart from others on the Adelaide scene.

Minor auto car mechanic services

After receiving your minor service from an auto car mechanic here at Viva Auto Repair, we’ll provide you with a full written report detailing what the service included, and a breakdown of the total cost to remain totally transparent. Our minor services generally include a full check of the electrical equipment, brake system, steering, suspensions and a check of all interior and exterior lights. We also check and fill up all of your fluid levels and clean and adjust your brakes if necessary. We use premium quality spare parts to check your engine oil and replace the filter, as well as check and clean the air. We also replace wiper blades if your existing ones are missing or damaged and check your tyres before road testing the vehicle. Each of these steps are taken with caution and care to avoid missing any detail throughout your service. If additional services are needed to fix any large-scale problems, our auto car mechanic adelaide will make sure we have all the correct parts available.

Major auto car mechanic services

Cars these days are full of complex technology, some of which interlinks to safely monitor and run your car. The additional machinery means there are more things that can go wrong with your car, so it’s important you regularly check your log book to make sure you are receiving services in accordance with the company requirements. A major service is a more comprehensive service which includes all of the fundamental safety checks that take place during a minor service, plus an additional look over the more specialised parts of your car such as the exhaust, spark plugs and car battery. We have adopted a more personal approach to our business and take the time to listen to our customers and negotiate the best solution to a problem. We also try and offer the most cost-effective solution in compliance with your budget, as we understand that these issues often arise unexpectedly. Is your car due for a major service? Stay on track and contact an auto car mechanic adelaide today.

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