If you are looking for one of the best synthetic oils available, you can find Amsoil products at Viva Auto Repairs. We are an outlet for an Amsoil dealer and carry a range of their engine and gear oils in stock and can procure most items within 2-3 days if it is available in South Australia. As well as the highest quality oils, Amsoil produce quality oil filters for many vehicles and these can be ordered on request.

Amsoil is an American company and all their products have undergone extensive testing and have been proven on race tracks around the world, with most users extolling the virtues of the products they use. For everyday use Amsoil offers the best protection for your car with extended service periods, so if you only do low kilometres in your car a quality oil like Amsoil will allow you to often double your service interval time while still offering the peace of mind that your engine has the protection it needs.















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