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Amsoil is a high quality synthetic oil produced in the United States and distributed throughout Australia at automotive repair and car servicing centres. It is arguably the best synthetic oil on the market today and is the only synthetic oil that should be used in Mazda rotary engine vehicles.

Using a synthetic oil when you change oil will ensure that the engine will remain much cleaner as there is less tendency for sludge to form in extreme conditions and temperatures. Amsoil will maintain its viscosity and protective qualities through the harshest of weather conditions and the most severe driving that you can imagine. Proven regularly on racetracks around the world, and in some of the biggest heavy haulage vehicles on the road, it is recognised and recommended by many manufacturers as an ideal lubricant for their vehicles.

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Not only does Amsoil produce great engine oil in specifications to suit most vehicles on the road, but they also make a range of gear box, diff, and auto transmission oils and automotive grease, as well as fuel additives for both diesel and petrol engines. Amsoil power foam will clean carbon out of your intake system, valves and pistons. Many manufacturers and car servicing experts recommend regular use of this type of product to help keep the engine running at peak performance. Using Amsoil products in your car can save you on your fuel costs and help to protect your investment.Used

One of their largest selling product is the 20W50 motorcycle oil that is recommended by Harley Davidson as a preferred lubricant for their great bikes. Amsoil also produces other viscosity oils specially designed for use in motorcycles as well as two stroke oil to mix with your fuel where needed.

Viva Auto repairs carries a range of Amsoil products and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can usually get it in within 24 hours, so next time you need to change oil or do some auto repairs, consider using Amsoil in your vehicle.

Authored by: Keith Rogers

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