AAAA Supports Lemon Law, Wants Tighter Auto Repair Rules

To protect the interest of Australian car owners, auto repair experts in the country are urging the government to pass laws that seek to improve warranty performance by vehicle manufacturers and their dealers. With Australia set to lose its ability to manufacture its own cars, the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association or AAAA says it makes perfect sense to ensure that the cars being sold in the country do not break down easily.


The AAAA is calling for a lemon law to protect owners of new vehicles that are deemed to be consistently unreliable. Members of the organization have expressed support for Senator Ricky Muir, the Consumer Law Centre, and the Public Defender, who are urging industry regulators to examine vehicle manufacturer conduct in cases when consumers have new vehicles that break down repeatedly.

AAAA Executive Director Stuart Charity said the demand for improved regulation is a reflection of their commitment to ensuring that Australian car owners are well-protected. AAAA has long advocated that the clarity and strength of consumer protection written into vehicle warranties must be improved. In particular, the AAAA has pressed successive Federal Governments for more robust policing of warranty performance by vehicle manufacturers and their dealers, he said.

The association is also pushing for a legal definition of a lemon, or a vehicle that has received car repairs three times from the manufacture or importer, but is still defective. A lemon may also be defined as a vehicle that is out of service for at least 20 days due to defects.

Mr Charity said with Australian car manufacturing ending in about two years, the country will be totally reliant on imports. Therefore, it is very important that the Australian consumers wont bet used as guinea pigs by foreign car manufacturers. If they have the misfortune of buying a car that has a major failure or repeated failures, they should have the right to choose between a refund and a replacement.

The AAAA chief also explained that implementing tighter rules might encourage auto makers not to rush new car models to market without conducting the necessary tests. Mr Charity said there have been signs of such a practice in recent years. Passing the lemon law will hopefully reduce instances of such practices.

As a car owner, it is indeed important to ensure that your vehicle is receiving the best auto servicing possible. Therefore, it would be nice to work with a repair shop that supports and has the same views as the AAAA.

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