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7 Reasons Why Car Servicing should be Done Regularly

1. Even if you are not driving your car very much, the oil still needs to be changed regularly. For most cars this means approximately every 6-9 months. After this time the oil’s protecting properties start to change. In short it starts to accumulate acids, sludge and varnish inside your engine, while the oils lubricating ability decreases.


2. Regular car servicing with its inherent inspections will give you peace of mind that all the electrical systems are functioning correctly. Light checks are something that not many of us do as often as we should, and these days with fines being issued for defected vehicles, less and less simple warnings seem to be issued.

3. Rubber components deteriorate over time, and you may start getting cracks in hoses and belts. Hoses can also go very hard with time and may not flex sufficiently with the engine movement. Creating failures in the cooling system.

4. Brake Repairs: Brake fluid is hydroscopic which means that it will absorb water moisture from the air. With brake systems reaching temperature of 300 degrees Celsius and above, any water in the fluid will boil and create steam. As steam is a gas it will compress as you apply your brakes, and this means that your brake pedal will need significantly more travel to activate the brakes. In severe instances this may even lead to complete brake failure.

5. Tyres generally only have a 5 year lifespan, after which they will start to crack around the sidewall, creating a major safety issue with the possibility of a blow out. Regular inspection of tyre wear can also give first indication of wear in the suspension and steering components.

6. Coolant can also deteriorate with time, and can actually turn acidic as it ages. Good servicing will see the protective qualities of coolants are tested rather than just a level check and inspection of coolant colour.

7. Change Oil. Oil leaks are another common complaint in vehicles that aren’t driven very often as many of the seals in components rely on oil being splashed around to keep them lubricated.

Regular servicing will check all these areas and many more as well, meaning that any potential issues can be dealt with before they become inconvenient and expensive breakdowns, therefore saving you both time and money in the long run.

Authored by: Keith Rogers

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