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5 Tips on Buying a New Set of Tyres for Your Car


The tyres are one of your car’s most important safety features. Every move you make with the steering wheel, brake, or gas pedal is transmitted to the road through your tyres. This is why if you’re going to get a tyre replacement, it’s very important that you invest in quality products to ensure not only your safety, but those of your passengers as well. Here are some tips you should consider when shopping for new tyres for your car.

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Tip No 1. Determine where to buy a new set of tyres

The first thing you need to do is know where to buy a new set of tyres for your car. You can go to the dealership, but buying new tyres from them is usually very expensive. If you want to save money, but don’t want to compromise on quality, you can go to a local auto shop. Tyre prices are quite reasonable and the people at the auto shop will even help you choose the set of tyres that are suitable for your car.


Tip No 2. Consider your driving style

When buying car tyres, consider the way you drive. Do you prefer a soft ride, a firm ride, or a combination of the two? Do you frequently carry heavy loads with your vehicle? Always ensure that you’re purchasing a set of tyres capable of supporting your load. If you can’t decide which to get for your vehicle, consult your owner’s manual as it usually specifies the size and type of tyre suited for your car.

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Tip No 3. Buy a matching set

If you want your car to be more efficient and much easier to handle, consider buying a matching set of tyres instead of just replacing the ones that are worn-out. According to experts, modern suspension technology is designed to work best when the tyres are of similar condition. By replacing them all of once, you can better maintain your tyres and prevent any suspension problems. In addition, it also helps keep you and your passengers safe.

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Tip No 4. Check your spare tyre

Don’t forget about your spare tyre when buying a new set for your car. Take the time to have it inspected and replaced, if needed. You certainly don’t want to have a spare that doesn’t work well with the new set of tyres you’ve purchased.

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Tip No 5. Negotiate for a better price

Because tyres aren’t exactly cheap, try asking the car mechanics to give you some discounts. Who knows, they might sell you a new set at a much better price. Remember, there’s no harm in trying.


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