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5 Common Vehicle Problems that Needs an Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Vehicle air conditioning systems are a standard part of an automobiles features in many countries. Some vehicle owners do not acknowledge a problem when it comes to this part of the car. In turn, they pay heavy fees just to get the air conditioning replaced. Any problem could be fixed by an auto air conditioning repair service, if you know whats wrong. Todays article will focus on the five common problems vehicle owners encounter with their air conditioning.

auto air conditioning repair

The first common problem is low refrigeration levels of the car air conditioner. Did you know that the refrigerant used in a vehicles air conditioning reduces by 15% annually? This causes a decrease in the level of refrigeration of the cars air conditioner. This is especially true during the winter season, where air conditioning is often not used. It could result in the seal drying out which deteriorates the performance of the unit.

The second problem is the complication within the mechanism of the air conditioner. The performance of your air conditioning system might stem from a series of mechanical problems such as compressor malfunction, defective compressor clutch, outdated pressure switches, and non-working valves. These things could lead to the poor cooling performance of the vehicles air conditioning.

The third problem could come from a soiled condenser. The condenser is the one that cools the high-pressure refrigerant vapour that exits the compressor. If you condenser has dirt, grime or debris stuck inside of it, these objects will cause a blockage of some sort. This will constrict the air flow and as a result it will not emit cool air.

The fourth problem is abnormal moisture contamination of the air conditioner. Generally an air conditioner lowers the temperature of the interior of the car while also cooling, drying, and cleaning the air. It will force the warm air to be released outside, so if moisture or debris contaminates the air conditioner installed in the car, it will not cool down the inside of your car properly.

The last problem an air conditioner can have is a pungent car interior. If your air conditioner is not in use then there are unwanted development of bacteria, fungi, and micro-organisms. These germs could grow rapidly behind the dashboard if left untreated, which could significantly affect the vehicles interior. You have to be wary of these problems so that your air conditioning system would perform well for a very long time. If you think your vehicles air conditioner needs fixing then it is wise call in the help of car services.

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