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4 Reasons Hiring Car Mechanics are Better than Taking Your Car to a Dealership

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When your car is having problems, you can either hire car mechanics from an independent repair shop or take your vehicle to a dealership. While both have the capability to fix your car, many experts and car owners agree that at times, it is more beneficial to enlist the services of an independent auto shop. If you want your car to be repaired by the professionals, here’s why you should go to your trusted car repair shop, not to a dealership.

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1. Repair costs are much more affordable

Independent repair shops are smaller and hire fewer people than dealerships. As a result, they have lower overhead costs, which allow them to offer their services at a much cheaper rate than the ones offered by dealer shops. If you want to enjoy bigger savings, or if you have a tight budget, independent repair shops are a better option.

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2. Customer service and satisfaction are important for independent shops

Most independent auto repair shops rely on word-of-mouth and customer referrals to find new customers for their business. Because they know how tough the competition can be, they often exert extra effort to ensure that their customers will receive the best service there is. If you go to a good independent car repair shop, you can expect to be treated like royalty.

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3. It is much easier to get to know your mechanic better

There is nothing more important than ensuring that you’ll hire a competent mechanic. However, you won’t get to know your mechanic unless you go to an independent repair shop. Because independent shops tend to be smaller and have fewer people working for them, it is much easier to communicate directly with the mechanic working on your car. You can get to know him (or her) and the others by name, which gives you the confidence to ask the questions you need to ask.


4. An independent auto shops are the best place for basic repairs and maintenance

Because they offer their services at a much lower price, independent auto repair shops are the best place to obtain services that are not covered by your car’s warranty. It is because simple repairs and basic maintenance services will cost much more if you take your car to a dealership. If your car doesn’t require extensive repairs, taking your car to your trusted neighborhood repair shop is the most cost-effective solution.

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Indeed, independent auto shops are the best place to get brake repairs and other car repair and maintenance services. However, see to it that you’ve done your research before trusting a particular shop to ensure that you’ll get the solutions you’re looking for.


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