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4 Practical Tips on Buying Car Batteries

Car batteries are an integral part of any vehicle. Therefore, once it’s time to get a battery replacement, it is very important that you act as soon as possible. Unless you want to experience a hard time starting your car or using the accessories installed in your vehicle, you must ensure that you purchase a new car battery before it is too late. Meanwhile, here are some practical tips you need to consider when buying a new battery for your car.

car spare parts

Tip No 1. If you live in a place that often experiences cold weather, it is advisable that you purchase a battery with a high CCA (cold cranking amps) rating. The CCA rating is basically the measure of a battery’s ability to start your vehicle in cold weather conditions. This is quite important because a chilled engine usually requires more power to start it up. So if you don’t want to have problems with your car and other car spare parts, be sure to check the battery’s CCA rating before making your purchase.

Tip No 2. Experts also recommend buying car batteries with the longest reserve capacity possible. Reserve capacity is the number of minutes your car might run using the battery alone in case your alternator refuses to function. According to them, such a battery can definitely come in handy during emergency situations where your vehicle has stalled or will not start.

Tip No 3. Like car spare parts, automotive batteries come in different group sizes. Always remember that it is important that the battery you’ll buy will fit snugly and securely into your car’s battery tray. So before you make your purchase, you should refer to your car manufacturer’s manual to determine your car’s specific battery group size. You may also consult with your chosen battery retailer. Keep in mind that buying a battery with the wrong size will just be a waste of money and might even cause problems to your vehicle.

Tip No 4. Always determine the warranty that comes with the car batteries. No matter how long it is, you should never forget to ask the retailer or the auto shop about the free replacement period. This way, you can get a free replacement or some form of technical assistance in case the battery fails before the warranty expires.

To make sure that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase, it would certainly help to follow the tips discussed above when shopping for car batteries. Also, see to it that you purchase your car battery from a trustworthy retailer or auto shop.

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