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The Importance of Good Tyres

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One of the most important safety items on your car is the tyre. With only a very small contact area with the road, your tyres have to supply all the grip to allow your vehicle to accelerate, brake and change direct in very sure and quick time. When you also take into account the wide difference in road surfaces and condition, as well as contamination of those surfaces by water, dust, mud and all sorts of other items, it is self evident as to the importance of good tyres.


Tyres are produced with a wide range of tread patterns and tyre compounds to account for each and every type of surface and driving condition. Many racing tyres don’t have a tread pattern as this allows for a larger area of contact, but these tyres are not at all suitable if the road surface is at all damp or not smooth bitumen. Therefore road car tyres need to be a compromise, so that they provide a good amount of grip in most situations ever encountered.

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But even then, depending on the type of car, the driving style of the driver, and the style of road surface encounter most of the time, a wide variety of tyres are available, and expert advice is needed when selecting the right tyre for your situation. For example, if you have a performance car that you drive hard, you will need a softer compound tyre that will grip the road well under the high g forces created in this style of driving. This softer compound means that the tyres will wear much quicker than other tyres, and therefore is not the best option for the more sedate driver, that can get away with harder tyres that last considerably longer. 4WD tyres are also available in a range of tread pattern and compounds to suit the variance of driving conditions that may be encountered here, from highway use to mud, sand or sharp rocks. Each of these conditions has a specialist tyre to suit, but an all terrain tyre is also available for those that drive in a variety of situation. Work vehicles add another dimension to tyre technology because of the need to carry heavier loads. This requires stiffer sidewalls on the tyre and light truck or truck tyres are required here.

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Caring for your tyres is also imperative, in order to maintain a consistent grip and ensure the longest life possible. Tyre pressures should be checked regularly and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, although some variance of a few lbs/square inch can enhance the performance in certain situations. Regular wheel alignments will also ensure that the wheels o your car are tracking straight ahead and this will provide the longest life possible. Tyre balancing is done to ensure that there is no vibrations felt through the vehicle due to out of balanced wheel and tyres, and should also be done on a regular basis. Taking care of your tyres will keep you and your family safer as well as save money in the long run.

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Viva Auto Repairs can now supply good quality tyres at a great price to suit your car, making us a great one stop automotive repair centre. With a wide range of Asian made tyres, we can get you a tyre to suit your needs at a price to suit your budget. With new tyres starting from under $60 for a small passenger car, including fitting and balancing, there should be no reason to be driving around on unsafe and worn out tyres. With 14″-16″ tyres for most passenger cars for between $75 and $95, we can also supply performance tyres for 17 inch and upwards tyres from as little as $130ea. Light truck tyres start at $80 for 14″ and $90 and 16″ all terrain tyres can be had for $140. All prices include fitting, balancing and disposal of your old tyres.

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