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Service Manager – Marque Le Maistre


Marque started his apprenticeship with the South Australian government at the beginning of 1974 and has been working as one of the most reliable mechanic richmond SA in the automotive repair industry ever since. The training he received during his time with the government, not only provided him with the skills to actually repair item rather than replace them, but gave him exceptional diagnostic skills, on equipment ranging from small engine plant up to heavy earth moving and trucks. This taught him that no job was too difficult to attempt. He worked here for over 6 years before spending 2 years in country areas, where he gained even wider experience, working on agricultural equipment and some basic motor cycle maintenance. Much of this type of work involve the actual design and fabrication of parts to perform specialised work on some of this equipment.

Over the years he has spent time working at both new car and used car dealerships, as well as general retail service and repair outlets. Much of this time was spent specialising in Mazda motor vehicles as a workshop controller with a Mazda dealer, and then a specialist Mazda parts recycler and repair centre. While at the latter, he gained experience in race car preparation, as well as fitting high powered engines to car that the owners were looking for large performance increases. This often meant an upgrade to brakes and suspension, and usually involved splicing completely different engine management systems into the vehicle, at times with very limited technical information about the new system.

For the 10 years prior to joining Viva Auto repairs, Marque was a mobile mechanic. He thoroughly enjoyed this period as it gave him great opportunity to experience the full scale of duties required in running a business. During this period Marque consistently won awards for his customer service and built a large customer base that would specifically request Marque as the only mechanic to look after their vehicles.

Marque’s passion for the Mazda MX5 began in 1989 when he got the chance to prepare the first unit to enter South Australia for the media release. He has owned and raced one of these great cars for the last 7 years, which has given him vast experience in ways to get the best out of an MX5 not matter how the owner wants to enjoy it.

With close to 42 years experience in this industry, there are not many mechanics around with a wider range or more years experience in providing auto repair services and maintaining any vehicle on the road or track.

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