Change Oil to Keep Your Car in Good Shape

When Viva Auto Repairs service your car we do not only do oil change and filter, but we carry out a 48 point inspection and safety check. We will check all the fluid levels and top them up as required, check your lights, horn wipers and other electrical items. We remove the wheels where necessary to check your brakes and if you have drum brakes we dedust and adjust your brake shoes. We will also adjust your hand brake if needed. We check for oil and other fluid leaks, test your suspension and steering systems and check your tires for wear and pressure (including the spare tire) and we will rotate tires if needed. Air, fuel and pollen filters are checked and replaced when necessary and computer systems scanned with service reminders reset. We will also fill in and stamp your car’s log book. We also check the cooling efficiency of your air conditioning system. A little tire shine brings a clean neat look to the tires before we road test your car and supply you with a full written report.

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If you have any service or tune requirements give Viva Auto Repairs an opportunity to care for your car.

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