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Viva Auto Repairs is an automotive repair and service centre that has been located at 127 Richmond Road Richmond for over 2 years. In January 2013 we expanded our services by taking over Mildren Automotive. With some of Mildrens staff coming across we have been able to continue to offer the great service that their customers had come to appreciate. This has included being a foremost specialist with Mazda Rotary engine vehicles, with Greg Mildren still supplying great technical knowledge and assistance. We carry out all servicing and repairs on most vehicles that are on the road today. Our 3 mechanics have over 130 years experience, having worked on cars, trucks, buses, earth moving, agricultural and small engine equipment over the years. We are passionate in what we do and take great pride in doing things right the first time.

What do we do?

With a well-equipped workshop, we can offer accurate diagnosis and repairs on your vehicle, whether it is an engine management issue that requires the latest in scan tool technology, or an engine rebuild on a Mazda Rotary vehicle. Clutches and gearbox repairs are made easy with 4 hoists and the correct lifting equipment that allows safe and speedy removal of major components. Brake, steering and suspension repairs are also a large part of our daily routine. One of our staff has many years of LPG servicing experience so we can help and adjust your gas system to maintain optimal performance. We offer a wide range of service options from basic minor service to a full major service and tune on your car or 4WD vehicle.

Viva Auto repairs can also perform your new car log book servicing, using quality parts and the right oils so that we can stamp your log book and protect your new car warranty, and this is guaranteed to be done by qualified mechanics. We stock a range of Ryco filters, NGK spark plugs and Penrite oils for general servicing but we can source any part that is available if you have specific requirements. Mildren Automotive was an Amsoil distributor and we can still supply your needs in this department with a small range in stock, but the ability to have most lines here within 1 working day, sees us being able to meet the needs of most customers. ULX110 is a South Australian company, & the oil is produced here in Adelaide. Being the best mineral oil available, it offers unchallenged protection for your vehicle.

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Why come to us?

Viva Auto Repairs offer great service with quality work that is great value for money. All our workmanship is guaranteed and we honour any guarantee provide with any part that we supply. Our vast experience means that our diagnostic capabilities are at a level rarely seen in our industry. If you have a business vehicle we will do our utmost to provide rapid service without sacrificing quality. A comfortable waiting room is provided if you need to wait while we carry out a smaller job, or there are cafes close by if you feel like sitting down and enjoying a bite to eat while you wait.

Our Team

Marque - About Us


Marque started his apprenticeship with the South Australian government at the beginning of 1974 and has been working as one of the most reliable mechanics in the automotive repair industry ever since. The training he received during his time with the government, not only provided him with the skills to actually repair the item rather than replace them but gave him exceptional diagnostic skills, on equipment ranging from small engine plant up to heavy earth moving and trucks.

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This taught him that no job was too difficult to attempt. He worked here for over 6 years before spending 2 years in country areas, where he gained even wider experience, working on agricultural equipment and some basic motorcycle maintenance. Much of this type of work involves the actual design and fabrication of parts to perform specialised work on some of this equipment.

Over the years he has spent time working at both new cars and used car dealerships, as well as general retail service and repair outlets. Much of this time was spent specialising in Mazda motor vehicles as a workshop controller with a Mazda dealer, and then a specialist Mazda parts recycler and repair centre. While at the latter, he gained experience in race car preparation, as well as fitting high powered engines to a car that the owners were looking for large performance increases. This often meant an upgrade to brakes and suspension, and usually involved splicing completely different engine management systems into the vehicle, at times with very limited technical information about the new system.

For the 10 years prior to joining Viva Auto repairs, Marque was a mobile mechanic. He thoroughly enjoyed this period as it gave him great opportunity to experience the full scale of duties required in running a business. During this period Marque consistently won awards for his customer service and built a large customer base that would specifically request Marque as the only mechanic to look after their vehicles.

Marques passion for the Mazda MX5 began in 1989 when he got the chance to prepare the first unit to enter South Australia for the media release. He has owned and raced one of these great cars for the last 7 years, which has given him vast experience in ways to get the best out of an MX5 not matter how the owner wants to enjoy it.

With close to 42 years experience in this industry, there are not many mechanics around with a wider range or more years experience in providing auto repair services and maintaining any vehicle on the road or track.

jimmy car mechanics - About Us

Jim Yeates

As the elder statesman atViva Auto Repairs, Jim brings more experience than just about any mechanic in South Australia. He started his apprenticeship with the Department of Housing in 1962, where he was taught a wide range of techniques in the repair and servicing of all sorts of equipment. During his time there he won the RAA Diamond Jubilee scholarship and the GM Travel Award, which saw him spend 6 months experiencing the production, development and testing at Holdens Fishermans Bend factory and test facilities.

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From here Jim moved on to working for Ford Australia and then to General Electric. It was at the latter of these that Jim gained plenty of experience on diesel-powered vehicles and plant. At this time he also was sent to help out in teams at the Bathurst 500, as it was in those days, getting to keep the awesome GTHO Falcons on the track in the most exciting times of Australian motorsport. Jim was also part of a 3 man team that held the record for assembling a Ford Cortina engine from bare to a running engine in just 12 minutes.

Jim then spent 22 years working for Nova Motors, a general automotive repairer and LPG system specialist a Thebarton. When Nova closed its doors and was incorporated intoMildren Automotive, Jim moved with it and spent the next 8 years there until they too closed. When Viva Auto Repairs took over Mildren Automotive, Jim once again followed, giving us a very valuable employee, who continues to amaze us with his knowledge and willingness to adapt as technology constantly changes the role of a mechanic, particularly in the diagnostic arena. His understanding of computerised systems is outstanding, and his thirst for knowledge amazes us all.

Aaron Bellman - About Us

Aaron Bellman

My interest in becoming a motor mechanic was sparked at the age of 14 when my sister started dating a mechanic and he took me for a drive in his modified GTR Torana. From then on there was only one occupation that interested me. I spent all of my spare time at his workshop helping him and learning the ropes. My first car was a 1971 Ford Escort MkI that I bought before I got my license. With his help I built that car up, fitting a 1600 engine that I then proceeded to turbocharge.

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I have over the years owned a variety of cars including V8s, rotaries & turbocharged 4 cylinders, having even raced some of these at Adelaide International Raceway. In my later years of school, I studied automotive, and then went on to an automotive mechanical pre-vocational course at TAFE. Once this was completed I began working for a Ford dealer where I stay for several years.

At the age of 23, I finally got the opportunity to begin my apprenticeship with an independent workshop that specialised in LPG system fitting & maintenance. Once qualified I spent 8 years working at a Toyota dealership, before seeking greener pastures, looking for a more challenging position. I was grateful to be given the opportunity to join the team atViva Auto Repairs, where I have had the chance to indulge in my passion for performance vehicles, rotary engines and motorsport in general. Now with 20 years experience under my belt, I am proud to be a part of such a diverse team, doing what I enjoy.

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